6 inch, fabricated long radius bends for milk processing
Duplex stainless steel domes for small tanks
Pressure vessel knuckling/flanging
Pressure vessel dome manufacturing
Knuckled cement silo cones
10,000 litre spherical diesel tank
4" Tube Rolling
Steel Sphere for Vacuum Tank
Rolled and fabricated stainless steel bends

Spheres and Hemispheres

Global Stainless Industrial SpheresGlobal Stainless Industrial are specialist fabricators of metal spheres and hemispheres.  They are fabricated in various thicknesses and material types for diverse uses including duplex stainless steel pressure vessels, pharmaceutical vessels, vacuum tanks, manure spreader tanks, plastic moulds, cement silo ends, marine buoys, dome bottom silos and air receivers. 

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Global Stainless manufacture spheres and hemispheres custom made to your requirements, and can offer ASME VIII and AS1210 certification.  All products are quality inspected in our workshop prior to dispatch, typically including ultrasound thickness testing, dimensional checks and verification reports by SGS M&I.

Hemispherical Shape v Torispherical Shape

Global Stainless Industrial HemisphereThe hemispherical shape is superior to the torispherical shape in strength.  Hemispheres are the best shape for mixing vessels such as pharmaceutical manufacturing bowls, because the corner which can cause burning-on of product in a torispherical shape, is therefore eliminated.  Our hemispheres are of extra smooth contour, so that agitator blades swipe the surfaces much more effectively.

Hemispheres offer a stronger vacuum, and drain better as a tank or pressure vessel bottom.  Hemispheres are the well accepted shape for specialist pressure vessel design, notably in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food cooking, industries.

Why Global Stainless?

Global Stainless Industrial Spheres

  • Accuracy of diameter - we are the only manufacturer that can guarantee the right diameter so you can be sure it will fit.
  • Top quality fabrications - so you know your customer will be happy and it will be easy for them to put together.

  • Value - our unique process ensures our end products are better quality and a more economical price.
  • Quantity - we can offer a one off unit, or a whole production run depending on what you need.

Global Stainless Industrial Spheres

  • Custom made to your requirements - we make what you ask for and you get a product that fits.
  • Delivery – we deliver world-wide – on time every time.


Q: How much?
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Q: How fast can I get it?
A: Our unique fabrication process allows us to produce spheres and hemispheres quicker than imported.  Generally we can make one in 4-6 weeks. 

Q: What sizes can you make?
A: Our sizes range from 300mm - 4000mm in diameter.

Q: What materials do you use?
A: Our spheres and hemispheres can be fabricated using 304 or T316 stainless steel, mild steel/carbon steel, or aluminium.

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